Solar Control Window Films Installation

Solar heat control window film improves energy efficiency, reduces energy consumption and costs and improves comfort. Thanks to solar film solutions, customers can rest assured that problematic hot/cold spots in buildings will be no more. Solar control window film can reduce the sun's heat gain by up to 80 percent. For every 100 sq. ft. of window film on sun-exposed glass, you can save up to one ton of air conditioning.

Using an energy analysis program known as DOE-2, American Glass Coatings can help predict the energy use and cost for all types of buildings. DOE-2 uses a description of the building layout, constructions, operating schedules, conditioning systems and utility rates provided by the user, along with weather data, to perform an hourly simulation of the building and to estimate reduced utility costs with window film. Call us for a free energy demand reduction analysis and consultation. Check out the Resources page for energy efficiency incentives.

Solar control films also contain UV radiation absorbers, which reduce up to 99.9% of UV rays, transmitted through any given window or door. Over time, UV rays, visible light and heat can contribute to significant fading in furniture, window treatments, carpet and other flooring found throughout residential and commercial spaces. That's where solar/UV window film comes in. By installing the right film for your space, you can prolong the appearance and quality of your furnishings.  

As noted by the Skin Cancer Foundation, simply sitting by a window through which sun is coming in can put your skin at risk to UV damage. Such ultraviolet radiation can lead to skin cancer and aging effects, yet few people realize that you can be at this kind of risk indoors. Taking proper precautions -- including installing UV window film -- can help keep you and your family safe. Learn more HERE

Beyond skin safety benefits, solar/UV window film also reduces glare, increases privacy and comfort. This is particularly important in office environments, in which your employees' productivity and work conditions are at top of mind. The benefits of window film are endless.