Transforming Your Glass Windows and Doors into a Protection Barrier

American Glass Coatings’ safety and security window films increase the impact resistance of your home or office windows, thus saving you from the threats like break-ins, smash & grab, vandalism and other sudden impacts.

Our security window films add an additional layer of protection while preserving the appearance of your windows and doors. These films make glass windows harder to penetrate and help hold glass fragments together after impact from natural disasters, break-ins or even wayward baseballs or golf balls.

Our security window films have passed the impact requirements of Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Testing, Title 16 Part 1201 Category II for architectural glazing materials impact standards. These window glass security films are made to pass the stringent criteria of Human Impact - ANSI-Z97 and GSA Bomb Blast Mitigation testing regulations.

Benefits of Installing Safety and Security Window Films

  • Reinforce windows and glass doors
  • Deter burglars, intruders and thieves
  • Deter mischiefs and vandals from committing smash-and-grab acts
  • Reduce injuries caused by human-to-glass impacts
  • Reject almost 100% of damaging ultraviolet
  • Increase shatter-resistance and hold broken glass in place in case of breakage
  • Decrease risk of injury from glass shards in accidents and explosions
  • Provide protection against natural causes of window impact

Protection from Damage by Flying Glass

Windows may cause serious injuries and material damage when broken glass become flying “shards” due to the acts of vandalism, harsh weather, high impact incidents, accidents etc. Our safety window films have passed rigorous impact tests and provide better protection from flying glass damage, thanks to their layered structure that causes the glass shards to stay stuck to their intermediate layer.

Protection from Burglars

American Glass Coatings’ home security window film will delay, or entirely prevent a burglar’s entry. Glass windows and doors are oftentimes the primary entry point due to the ease of breakage, when burglars target residential property. Our home window security films act as an obstacle that delays entry, making it extremely difficult for the thief to enter the residential building. The kind of effort and noise required for gaining entry in such a situation are likely to grab people’s attention, thus defeating the intention of potential burglars.