Residential Window Tint Lake Worth for Protection and Cost Savings

According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) report, about 1/3rd, on average, of a residential buildings utility bill in the USA, is wasted by heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer through untreated windows. Window films play a significant role in regulating energy and heat in your home in Lake Worth. Established by Stuart, American Glass Coatings specializes in residential and commercial glass tinting solutions using the most advanced and state-of-the-art technologies available.

Solar and UV Films

Solar window films are installed professionally by the experts without any hassles, mess and minimum disruption to your daily routine. Residential window tinting Lake Worth provided by American Glass Coatings by trained, qualified and IWFA Accredited professionals, can effectively lower cooling and heating expenses of households. By reducing the solar heat in the summer that enters into your home and reducing heat from escaping in the winter, you can minimize hot and cold spots inside the home. Homeowners in Lake Worth can protect their family from harmful ultra violet A and ultra violet B rays. Window tinting reduces glare and helps homeowners enjoy staying in the house without discomfort.

Safety and Security Window Films

Unfavorable weather conditions in Lake Worth, intrusions and accidents can pose serious risks with untreated windows. By installing safety and security window films, you can protect yourself and your family from shattered windows and flying glass shards. Precisely designed with strong, thick polyester and bonded by the strongest adhesives, these safety and security window films are designed to hold the glass in place in the event of an impact. Untreated windows provide weak spots for breakage by intruders. Window tinting Lake Worth helps resist intruders entry as it makes it extremely hard for them to break into the windows installed with these window films.

Decorative Films

Decorative window film helps you create a tasteful design statement. Keeping the ease and convenience of our customers in mind, American Glass Coatings offers decorative window films in varied finishes, patterns, and sizes, which enhance the interior of your home without sacrificing natural light. Decorative films don’t leave any marks after being removed so you can change them when styles change.